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Intuitive Thoughts

Wow! I have an idea and in it pops. When we tap into our intuition and things "pop" we tend to surprise and delight ourselves. They also seem to come to us when we have stopped thinking so hard, stopping trying to create, stopped trying to fill up every moment with our thoughts. There is an openness or space or void that is more empty when intuition comes. Sometimes thinking about diverse ideas or concepts that are not directly linked also bring intuition to us.

The disconnected yet interconnected allows for creation. Maybe this tells us that all things are connected somehow.

We need to allow for intuition, to foster it and to create the space for it to happen. Some are able to tap into their intuition easily and naturally. Others is it much more challenging to find. However we all need to trust our intuition as it is really an amazing way of not only getting new ideas but really gathering information from the world around us.

Tri-namics Coaching Triangle System began as an intuitive thought when I was having a shower one day. Noticing how people solve problems, who they go to, how they create for themselves in an organization small places of refuge, small informal groups, places to create. It was born in a flash and I took this idea and created a full system that helps organizations tap into their own intellectual capital. Using our intuition means really grabbing those fleeting thoughts and doing something valuable with them. Have a look at

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