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Our Years

This year, as every year, just brings us closer

Closer to each other

Closer to our family

Closer in our Love.


I cherish each loving glance

Each opportunity to learn

Of myself and of you,

Lessons of life.


Outward we grow

In sharing the joy of our children

Living and loving

In our uniqueness.


I continue to be

Yours Still in Love

A Woman I Know

I stand beside a woman I know

Tall, confident, knowing

She listens to the unseen,

Holding focus, balanced in chaos.


The wind whispers

Bringing light to her eyes

Questions to her lips

Her heart opens.


Creatively passionate

Gently exploring

The duck is shut up

And I understand.


Deep friendship comes

Gliding in and out

Connected and connecting

Our spirits, lives and work.


She brings joy.

She brings love.

She brings energy.

The woman I know is joy, love, and energy.

Perfectly balanced.

Finding Each Other

Today begins another step in your journey together,

Simmering and bold, deep and pure,

Is your love.


The years of preparation as babies, children, and youth

With family love supporting and guiding,

Are marked within you.


Parents, eyes glistening, remember

Your silly make believe games, your skinned knees,

Your first words.


Finding each other in one fleeting moment,

Changed your life direction,

Moving together in joy.


Today we celebrate invisible strong threads,

Binding and creating family,

The love of you for each other.  


Tying ribbons cascading

Gently on a gift

Snug enough to stay

Loose enough to flow.


Such are the ties that bind

And hold our family close

Supporting us as we grow

Exploring worlds and stories unseen to all.


Growing up to adulthood

Growing out to reaches beyond

Growing down to discover roots

Growing into spiritual knowing.


Unwrap a gift

See the ribbon of life

Cascading among parents, siblings and cousins

Threading and spreading.


Wisdom in young and old

Bridging and breathing life force

Into the hearts, minds and souls

Of family.

I See You

In all that you are is

radiance, blossoming.

Core essence of bliss

Enters in light.


Holding focus on intention

Learning in joy.

Seeds gently scattered trusting the wind

Eruption of success, I see you.


Brilliant shining lights open to the sky

Transcends and transforms the world.

You see me and I see you.

Fall Birthday

The howling rustling of leaves

Rain soaked soccer boots

The hush of fall drifts in,

She was born. 


She brings the sun to the people

She meets, radiant with her smile.

Music stimulating our souls

Brimming with love in her eyes.


Loving life with her life 

Overflowing with passion

To explore and learn,

Trom the endless lives of others.

Facets of Brilliance

Infectious giggle smiling brilliantly

Instantly drawn in,

Caring deeply for humanity.


Focused, scattering diamonds of brilliance

Gems of goodness and seeds of hope,

Loving those far and near.


Knowing people

Better than people

Know themselves. 


Quick to share stories

Paint vivid scenes of celebrations

Capturing memories.


Little, tiny gestures

Glittering personal attention

Connecting others spirits.


Confident in the future

Bold with ideas

Determined to learn, to grow, to be.


Shining in the world today

All the facets of


A Single Soul

As we move through life

Up pops someone whose soul touches ours.

The touch engages us, inspires us, challenges us

And we are transformed.


Celebration of another’s soul, of their gift to us of presence

Gives us hope that the peace we feel in our hearts

May be duplicated thousands of times over.


We hope that others will shine and connect their souls.

We hope for a better world.

And we pray for peace.


We celebrate together this day

The birth of you, the birth of your soul, and the relationship we have that has transformed us both.


Happy birth day to you, who popped up in my life and has given me peace in so many ways,

Birth Time

To my husband, my lover and my best friend

Your love for me transcends the angels

Bringing a deep abiding joy to our relationship.


On this birthday  may you

Be blessed with rejuvenating health

Brim over with delight in the joys of retirement

Soak in the warmth of love and family.


You feed my soul, you feed my spirit

And you feed me with your desire.

I have been blessed to live with my man

For years of sharing birthdays.


May this one blend in with the others

Marking your birth time in your heart.


I did not buy little things for you to open

I did not buy gifts for you to hold

I did not make for you something to keep you warm

I did not bake for you or bring you soup


I do have for you promise of more time for talking

I do have for you a lunch and visits

I do have for you a promise to keep writing together

I do have for you a listening ear and travelling heart

I do have hugs whenever you want them and

even when you don’t

I do have strength to help you make the changes you want to

I do have love for you that is deeper than the ocean and higher than the hills

Eagle on the Delta

Deep in my cells

Connected we are

Me to you, me to we

Knowing the ages are one.


See India my child

Through your eyes

I will know

The depth of humanity.


Fly, learn, listen and be

Simply, You.

Strong, curious, wise

Poetically singing.


Capture the notes

Wafting in the breeze

Warm kisses of love

Speak to your heart.


Family is rooted in your soul

Giving you wings to fly

Sharing your humanness

Across our great Earth.


Be changed and yet be not

Your essence knows no time

Laugh, smile, be joyful

With youthful exuberance.


Embracing life you soar

Like an eagle on the Delta.

Just high enough for us to wish…

Knowing you return home to us to nest awhile.

Growing Curiousity

The wonder of the universe

I see in your eyes.

Deep, dark, mysterious

The depth of human learning. 


Curious from the day you were born

Eyes bright and wise

Intellect heightened

By the sure joy of learning.


First numbers and alphabet

Reading and calculating

Searching for an Answer?

Or perhaps a Question?


Passions to explore

Dinosaurs and space

Piano and computers

Flying, and now relationships.


As you journey in relationship

With your beloved 

May the joy of love

Enhance your growth.


Continue to explore your passions

Curiousity, creativity, and courage

To risk, to grow, to learn



To be human, to experience

All that there is

To taste deep and wide

That is the miracle of life.

To My Child

Smiling in the face of a child is innate wisdom

One often sees only innocence.

Potential is masked in adoration of the “firsts”

Desperately in love with life itself, these blend. 


Wonder abounds as life unfolds

Deep from within you find your gifts.

Discovering them one by one

Sharing them with the world.


On the day of your birth we celebrate life

Celebrate the love we feel

The joy we see as you share yourself with the world

And the world discovers you. 


Time Runs Out

The gentle breath

Skin so fine

Eyes veiled

Time is running out.


Incredible spirit and strength

Wisdom oozes into others

Always the future

Always looking forward.


Passing to the light

Comfort in the word of God

Knowing the time is now.

Know the time has come.


Giving, loving, peaceful to the end

A human being could be no greater

Touching all he knew with his gentle spirit

Love for humanity, love for family.

© 2020 by Debbie Payne 

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