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"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words." 

Robert Frost



Poetry emerges for me from experiences and learning that stirs my heart and emotions. It is deeply personal. 


I treasure reading other people's poetry as their words move differently than mine and surprise me with the images, stories, and emotions they provoke.  

I hope you find one or two poems in my collections that stir your heart, make you smile, or contemplate life in some new way.  

A Tower of Stones

Our Year

A Woman I Know

Finding Each Other


I See You

Fall Birthday

Facets of Brilliance

Time Runs Out

A Single Soul

Birth Time


Eagle on the Delta

Growing Curiousity

To My Child

Women Voting

Leadership Musings

Lover of Life


Longing for Single-Tasking

Ageing with Gracie

Organizational Leadership

To Be Like Fir

Life Lessons

Living Alive


Canoe Rhythm

Power, Choice, Beginnings

Learning How

Little Tree

Winter Harmony

April 1st

When Do You Know

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